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To declare the Cold War over, and declare democracy has won out over totalitarianism, is a measure of arrogance and wrong-headedness.---Alexander Haig
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Independence Day: 23rd June!

DEMOCRACY:  The EU government system is dangerously anti-democratic. Its self-appointed, unelected, grossly overpaid elite contrive endless laws to further control us. It is currently forging a transatlantic trade deal (TTIP) behind closed doors. This threatens to end our free NHS and benefits giant corporations to the detriment of our smaller businesses which are the backbone of our economy. If it succeeds, it may well force us to eat American foods with undeclared ingredients and chemicals, including genetically modified foods that tests have indicated are unsafe for consumption. 

PROSPERITY: The UK is the world’s 5th largest economy; we can thrive best as a free, independent nation. EU membership brings no clear advantage to UK exports (Civitas research, 2014).  The EU severely  limits us from trading with our historic partners in the British Commonwealth and thriving countries outside of the sinking EU. The EU encourages our factories to move out the UK to EU countries with cheap labour. Obviously, this reduces jobs in the UK. Since we gave up our fishing waters to the EU, the EU has decimated fish stocks, driving up prices and putting our fishermen out of business. The EU is a Soviet-style command economy that is going the same way (down). We pay tens of millions a day to the EU. It should be the other way round, because the EU benefits more from us than we benefit from it. Our exports to the EU will not stop if we leave.

       Outside the EU, we can regain our seat at the World Trade Organization and negotiate highly lucrative trade deals worldwide.  Meanwhile, the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy costs the average UK family an estimated £1200 a year, just in higher food bills.  Prof. Patrick Minford of the Institute of Economic Affairs,  now finds that continued EU membership costs UK households £9,265 a year overall!

SECURITY: The EU’s free movement policy is disastrous for overcrowded Btitain. The NHS is struggling to survive and our social housing and school places are increasingly given to EU migrants. It gets worse every time the EU takes over another country. If Turkey is admitted into the EU, our security will be at risk more than ever.  Inside the EU, our prospects are truly grim. Yet the political elite shamefully perpetuate the farce, and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Now they are even spending your tax money on deceptive propaganda.

SURVIVAL: The EU clearly wants to dismantle the UK and gain complete control of our people and armed forces – and our nuclear deterrent. Thousands of our forefathers gave their lives to keep Britain free from tyranny and foreign takeover. By leaving the EU, we can free ourselves and future generations from ever-increasing poverty and oppression.  Cameron’s ‘reformed EU’ is pie in the sky. It’s not written in law. The referendum may be our last chance to save our country - and its precious democracy that took hundreds of years and thousands of lives to secure, and was the envy of the entire world, before it was nullified under EU law, which, contrary to English Law, regards every citizen as guilty until proven innocent.